Take my advice… or don’t.

No one takes my advice until it comes from someone else later.

It’s a perplexing thing I’ve observed time and again in my life. I don’t know what to make of it but it has happened consistently time and again, with many different people and many different subjects.  I will give the advice that fits the complaint of the other party- you should try this, I think it will really solve your issue. They smile and nod, sometimes asking questions, sometimes taking notes. They happily go on their way and then…. do nothing. They promptly go about their life and their problem continues, suffering goes on.

Then one day, usually a few months or even years later we meander into the topic of their issue again and miracle of miracles someone else told them about something and this groundbreaking advice completely solved their problem! Everything is great, the issue is solved and they are living the life of their dreams! If only they’d known sooner! Or even the hilarious “didn’t you mention that to me some time back? Wow I guess you really knew what you were talking about!”


It’s sometimes hard to sit there knowing that I had told them the very thing that made their life so much better months or years ago and that coming from me it was not compelling enough for them to take action… until the other magical person uttered those words to them. It’s perplexing. Maybe it’s in my delivery, maybe it’s something about me not seeming credible, maybe I look too young to know these things. I don’t know what it is.

So why do I keep giving advice? Because I know it’s good. It comes from a place of love and passion for helping others to have their best life. And maybe one day someone will take action on it and have the magical result that they should have. Maybe that person will be you.

Managing from the middle is kind of like that. You give advice to the people above, the people below, and the people on all sides. You gently try to influence and move things forward with a consistent message. The message perpetuates from all sides. And somehow, eventually, magically, it begins to work. Often the “idea” gets credited to someone else, and sometimes even to a mysterious unknown “someone”. People don’t know you are that someone that started the concept, but that is ok. You’re making a difference and that’s all that’s important.


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